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A different flavor every week.

The Weekly Mac began as a creative side project. I baked macarons—a different flavor per week, for 52 weeks—and documented it all on Instagram. Now that the 52 flavors have been baked (and eaten), I decided to do this thing for real and start selling my macs. YES.

Here’s the deal: I will continue to bake just one flavor per week, upon request. If you would like to place an order, please fill out an inquiry below.

*Currently only taking orders in Chicago*



$35 per dozen

$18 per half dozen

$3 per individual mac


Place an Order

Need macarons for a party or event? As a gift? For eating in your sweatpants on a Tuesday? Please place an inquiry here.

If the week you request is still up for grabs, I’ll work with you to establish that week’s flavor. Get excited!

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When Do You Need Your Macs?
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Past Flavors

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